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HaBeMa Futtermittel GmbH & Co. KG has established itself in a short time as one of the most efficient service companies on the German feed market since its foundation in 1994. The exposed location in the port of Hamburg, one of the most important hubs for worldwide imports and exports, makes HaBeMa an important, supra-regional trading partner for feed, compound feed and grain.

HaBeMa's core business in Hamburg

Compound feed production

The direct link to the seaward port with all the possibilities for sourcing feedstuffs was a decisive factor in the choice of this unique location before the foundation stone was laid for the plant in 1970. In a compound feed plant that has been modernized time and again, high-quality feeds for all farm animals are still produced today. The use of state-of-the-art technology meets the highest standards for quality and safety in animal nutrition.

Compound feed production
Raw materials handling

Efficient handling facilities and large storage capacities offer all possibilities from the import of various feedstuffs to the export of grain.

Raw materials handling

Permanent provision of raw materials and compound feeds and a 24-hour distribution service with HaBeMa's own fleet of vehicles round off the range of services.


This is HaBeMa

Our premises

Branch offices

With the geopolitical changes in Europe, business relations with Eastern Europe were also expanded in the agricultural sector. Not only surpluses of grain and other feed materials in Eastern European countries, but also the politically intended reduction of transatlantic imports were and are strong arguments for these trade relations. However, the logistical challenge should not be underestimated! In parts, an inadequate infrastructure, rising energy costs and, last but not least, the introduction of toll charges call for new concepts to overcome greater distances.

With the AGRO terminal in Heidenau near the Czech border, HaBeMa has a strategically extremely well located transshipment terminal. Thanks to the direct rail link on the Prague-Dresden-Hamburg long-distance rail route, feed and grain can be shipped among each other by self-propelled trains to create an optimal supply for the region's agricultural trade.

With the AGRO terminal in Drentwede directly at the gates of the Vechta-Cloppenburg finishing stronghold, a further transshipment point based on the Heidenau model is to ensure that the compound feed producers in this region are supplied with a large range of straight feedstuffs in the desired quality.

HaBeMa Futtermittel GmbH & Co. KG

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