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Quality feed - safety with every delivery

Our quality principles

We see our feed production as an integral part of the food industry. Feed is directly upstream or contractually integrated into the production of basic agricultural foodstuffs and thus requires consistent quality assurance measures. Therefore, we define our task as an obligation and responsibility for the production of safe and healthy food. "Feeding animals means feeding people!"

The equipment of the HaBeMa compound feed plant with state-of-the-art control and plant technology, complemented with professional competence of the employees, are the basis of our quality feeds. With consistent precision, over 400,000 tons of compound feed are produced annually for all farm animals.

A comprehensive range of products meets the diverse needs of our customers. Production on three parallel mixing lines enables not only the manufacture of classic standards but also the production of tailor-made solutions for individual feed concepts.

In addition to the variety of compound feeds, a selection of straight feeds in different qualities is available to customers at any time.

Production of high-quality compound feed for all types of livestock


Within the framework of legally defined duties of care and our own high quality standards, we fulfill two core tasks:

  1. Providing optimum care and promoting the health and performance of farm animals through sophisticated feed formulations.
  2. Ensuring the highest quality standards in feed as a prerequisite for the production of safe and healthy food through a wide range of quality controls.

Our HaBeMa quality principles: Quality - Safety - Trust

  • Quality begins with the purchase of contractually fixed qualities from known origins
  • Seamless and consistent raw material controls with regard to nutrient content and freedom from harmful substances
  • Controlled and documented processing into high-quality compound feeds

Large assortment also for small requirements

In addition to performance feeds for all farm animals, most of which are delivered to customers in bulk by truck, we also offer a wide range of animal feeds in 15- and 25-kg bags. Whether chickens, ducks, geese, horses or rabbits, we produce a diverse range of feeds for small animal owners and hobby breeders.

Our bagged goods production

GMP 022262

QS-ID: 40 124 3500 0733

KAT-ID: D-21107-01


Here you can download our certificates.