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Getreide Silos
Handling of agricultural products in the port of Hamburg

Local at heart, global in trade -
from the world for the region, from the region for the world

Kai am Reiherstieg

Our unique location in the Port of Hamburg enables us to maintain close, regional contact with our agricultural suppliers as well as direct access to world agricultural markets. The deep-water port, our own rail siding, and direct highway access provide the company with all the possibilities of trimodal logistics. Thus, on the one hand, this 1A location guarantees an ideal supply through favorable purchasing possibilities and prompt availability of all feedstuffs in the desired quality and, on the other hand, offers ideal marketing conditions up to the export of grain.

At the spacious quay facilities (330 meters long, 12 meters water depth) with gantry crane and ship loader, ocean-going vessels, coasters and inland vessels can be both loaded and unloaded. The feed is either used for the company's own compound feed production or, after intermediate storage in large halls and silos, loaded onto ships, trains or trucks.

HaBeMa at home in the port of Hamburg, the gateway to the world.

HaBeMa is a service and logistics partner for the agricultural trade in northern Germany, both for the procurement of compound and straight feeds and for the marketing of domestic grain. HaBeMa is strategically located in the center of Germany's three major agricultural states: Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein.

Our AGRO terminal at the Heidenau site primarily receives grain from the new German states, the Czech Republic and the southern part of Poland, in addition to various straight feeds. In daily shuttle traffic with self-managed heavy goods trains, goods are permanently dispatched depending on quality and demand. Whether export grain to Hamburg, straight feed and feed grain for further transshipment to the AGRO terminal in Drentwede or protein feed as return freight from Hamburg to Heidenau - HaBeMa's logistics concept knows no limits.

Ship loading and unloading

Sustainable agricultural logistics - by ship, rail and truck to world agricultural markets

While the direct access to the seaport in Hamburg already offers the advantage of being able to handle large batches of goods, the direct rail connection of HaBeMa in Hamburg and its two branches in Heidenau and Drentwede also creates the possibility of handling these high tonnages logistically in the upstream and downstream areas. Not only is the high regularity and plannability of this logistics with self-managed trains important from an economic point of view, but it also plays a major role in the area of sustainability: When heavy-duty trains with loads of up to 2,500 tons cover long distances and thus take goods off the road, we are acting in an extremely environmentally friendly way.

Raw material transshipment by rail

With a sophisticated logistics system, we also succeed in keeping the return freight rate high, which means that sustainability is writ large at HaBeMa.

Grain delivery by truck

GMP 022262

QS-ID: 40 124 3500 0733

KAT-ID: D-21107-01


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